TODO Extend darkman-themes with setopt support

Automatically reloading the current theme on evaluation of setopt does not seem like a bad idea. This requires configuring the :set property for the customizable variable darkman-themes.

TODO Increase test coverage

This should help us catch the nasty bugs, though it'll be a challenge to do it correctly given most of this package is state-dependent. The groundwork for test coverage has been laid with the addition of the new build manifest.

DONE Investigate breakages when using spacious-padding   help

Here are some of the bugs I've encountered when darkman-mode and spacious-padding-mode are both enabled:

  • Changing a theme may temporarily freeze Emacs
  • On startup, the window-divider face, i.e. the borders that separate any adjacent windows use incorrect foreground and background attributes, unspecified-fg and unspecified-bg, respectively.

DONE Write up a Texinfo manual as an Org document

We could use this manual as a template.

DONE load-theme is called twice when ModeChanged is signaled   help

This leads to a theme transition that isn't very smooth. I have no idea what might be causing this, but a peek into Darkman's source code could be helpful.

DONE Themes will sometimes switch infinitely   help

This causes Emacs to go haywire. The first time this happened was a short time after merging #5. I can reproduce it, but I haven't yet understood what exactly causes it to occur.